Flower And Importance Of Flower



A flower is the sexual part of the flowering plant. This is essential in every fruiting and flowering plant. Moreover, it helps in the pollination and fertilization of male and female plant parts. It is the main upper portion of a plant. However, without flower fruit formation can not occur and fertilization can not start in any plant. After fertilization of male and female parts of flower fruit formation start.  

Parts Of A Flower 

There are four main parts of a flower. These parts help to give good shape and maintain the stability of the plant. These parts are 

Calyx, Carolla, Androecium, Gynoecium, which helps to make a complete flower. However, if any part of the flower is missing then the flower is incomplete. 

Importance of flowering plant

The importance of flowering plants is everywhere. Flowering plants feed insects, birds and provide natural medicines to humans. Without flowers, the world will become a duller place.

Reproductive aids

Flowers are the primary source of assistance. Moreover, flowers have to eye-catching ability through its green leaves and multi-colors. However, insects always collect its nectar from colorful flowering plants. So, when insects come to steal its nectar, they also pollinate the plants by moving pollen at the same time. That is why it is said that flowers play the main role in plant reproduction.

Nectar for birds and insects  

Many insects, bees, as well as butterflies their life relies on the nectar of flowering plants. Moreover, these mini creatures are the primary source of pollination and are also known as pollinators. However, these mini insects help to produce many new plants to grow with the transfer of pollen through these insects. 


The flower is the sex organs of a flowering plant. Therefore, it is responsible for the production of seed and fertilization. Moreover, A flower has four parts and has some characteristics. However, flowering plants have significant importance in humans as well as animals’ lives. So, it is a source of food. Overall flowering plants are also used to cure diseases.

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