Food Production And Food Formation Process

It is the chain of processes which include the production of raw materials on the farm (cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy and poultry) and processing of raw materials in the food lab or kitchen. Farmer is the person who provides the raw materials for the production of food.
Food production is further classified into different types like field processes and lab processes.

Food Production And Food Formation Process

Field Processes Of Food Production

Cultivation, Selection, Crop management, Harvesting, Crop production

Lab processes For Food Production

Preserving, Baking, Pasteurization, Pudding, Curving, Butchering, Fermenting, Pickling, Drink, Candy making, Restaurant

Raw Materials For Food Production

Basic material from which a product is made.

Fruits, vegetables, cereals, eggs, milk, meat, chicken, beef, juices, syrups, nut, beans, seeds, leaf, bark, roots, stem, flowers, Honey, and minerals all are the basic materials for the production of food products. These raw materials are converted to ready-made food products. These ready-made products either used in our home or the processing industry for the well-being of the human.

Basic material from which a product is made.
Industrial Food Preparation And Food Production
Cleaning, Washing, Sorting, Peeling, Grinding, Chopping.

Processes Of Industrial Food Production

Marinating, Emulsification, Curing food, Food fermentation, Brewing, industries, Boiling, Broiling, Frying, Grilling, Steaming, Mixing, Pasteurization, Fruit juice processing, Gasification, Packing and, Shipping, Preserving, Vacuum Packing

Importance Of Food Production

90% of the energy come from the food in the human to perform a daily task and operating body mechanisms.
Although nature is producing food it is not enough for a growing population of the world. Agriculture depends upon climate and seasons. Every crop has specific requirements from germination to the production of fruits. So it is not possible to grow all kind of crops at one place but everyone has the right to taste the blessings of God. Therefore the food production industry processed the fruits, vegetables and cereals so they can reach in every corner of the world. Some foods item is highly perishable that may stand some hours or a day.

Importance Of Food Production

Life of human are getting busier every day and human have not time to cook. Ready-made food items which require less time than traditional cooking is available to facilitate them.
Frozen concentrate and juices are available for the enjoining different fruit taste and they have some extra mineral and nutrient which fulfil human body requirement and help to overcome the deficiency.
90% of the energy come from the food in the human to perform the daily task and operating body mechanisms. Processing of the food item help to extend their shelf life and improve the taste of the food.

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