Journal of horticultural science


Journal of Horticultural Science and Research is open access, peer checked on a journal that distributes unique research in getting information, abilities, and advances used to develop seriously created plants for nourishment and non-nourishment employments. It including plant spread and development with the point of improving plant development, yields, quality, healthy benefit, and protection from creepy crawlies, maladies, and natural burdens. The diary energizes compositions covering yet not constrained to any headway in the current system or another advancement centred to deliver greater profitability. The journal specifically distributes a couple of original copies after intently assessing under autonomous commentators and experienced editor’s choice to keep up quality and logical legitimacy. The journal is impassioned to distribute a wide scope of composition types, for example, unique, surveys, fast interchanges, feelings, points of view, critiques and letters. All the distributed substance is made accessible to get to open with no limitations under the particulars of Creative Commons Attribution License

List of some Journal of horticultural science are given below :

  • Journal of Progressive Horticulture 
  • Journal of horticulture & Postharvest Research 
  • Journal of horticulture science & biotechnology 
  • Journal of Stored Products Research 
  • Journal of Scientia Horticulturae
  • Journal of Biological Agriculture and Horticulture

What is the journal article?

journal is an assortment of articles (like a magazine) that is distributed routinely consistently. Journal presents the latest research, and journal articles are composed of specialists, for specialists. They might be distributed in print or online organizations, or both.

Types of journal articles

Original Research

This is the most widely recognized kind of journal original copy used to distribute full reports of information from investigates. It might be called an Original Article, Research Article, Research, or simply Article, contingent upon the journal. The Original Research position is appropriate for a wide range of fields and various sorts of studies. It incorporates full Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion segments. 

Short reports or Letters

These papers impart brief reports of information from unique research that editors accept will be intriguing to numerous analysts, and that will probably animate further research in the field

Review Articles

Review Articles give an exhaustive rundown of research on a specific theme, and a point of view on the condition of the field and where it is going. They are regularly composed by pioneers in a specific control after greeting from the editors of a journal.

Case Studies

An objective of Case Studies is to make different analysts mindful of the likelihood that a particular wonder may happen. This kind of study is regularly utilized in medication to report the event or beforehand obscure or rising pathologies.

Purpose of the journal:

The motivation behind scholastic diaries is to encourage academic correspondence, the channel for mistakes, and keep up the record of logical development. Journal articles are shorter than books and expounded on quite certain themes.

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