Nutrition in banana and health benefits of banana

Nutrition in banana

Banana is a portion of excellent and healthy food with its complete nutrition power. So, Most people use banana fruit and eat daily for getting more and more nutrition. Moreover, it contains several nutrients and best for the digestion of all other food. However, it also makes the heart healthy and also helpful for weight loss. Banana is native to Asia, so it has good power of many essential nutrients in it.

Importance of banana for health

Banana is good for health with its extra power of nutrition because it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins to make the body healthy and strong. Moreover, it includes a lot of fibres and other antioxidants. Banana is a rich source of potassium, and one fruit of banana contains almost 9%. So, it is suitable for the heart patient and improves the health condition of the human body.

Nutrition in banana

It is suitable for human and health and improves the health condition due to its dense nutrients. However, some excellent benefits of banana are given here.

Best for heart health

Nutrition of banana is good for health and improve the health condition of the heart. Moreover, it is suitable for all heart patients. Banana contains a lot of fibres and folate, antioxidants and vitamin C. So, this is good to give excellent strength and also support for the heart.


Banana is also suitable for asthma and all patient. So, you can eat a banana to make an excellent respiratory system. Potassium in a banana is also an excellent addition as a pure nutrient in the banana helpful for asthma and wheezing in children.

Control Blood Pressure

Banana is also good fruit with its extra bit of good nutrition power. It helps to maintain blood pressure. So, you can also make your blood level at a fundamental level. Moreover, banana contains proper nutrients like potassium, Vitamin 6, Vitamin C and all other essential nutrients.

Good for cancer

Banana is a fibrous fruit which contains a lot of fibres. So, it is also a good source of lectin. Lectin is the pure protein which is best for leukaemia and control growth of cells of leukaemia. Moreover, lectin also works as an antioxidant, and it helps in the removal of all other molecules from the body.

Help digestion

Banana is also good for the digestive system and controls the digestion because this fruit contains a lot of proteins and has the right quantity of fibre in it. Moreover, this is a good source of water to make a full regularity for easy digestion. Therefore, banana also fulfils 10% fibre need of a human body. Banana is useful to control the diarrhoea and best for the availability of all required nutrients.


Banana is pure fibrous fruit which is available all round the year. Banana contains a lot of nutrition, and it is best for health. It has a lot of health benefits to save human life. Moreover, it contains Vitamins and antioxidants which are best for health. So, you can eat daily banana fruit fulfil your all requirements of nutrition.

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