The relation between science and environment and environmental sciences


It is the knowledge of things and system operating within us and within our surroundings in nature.


Environment means our surroundings. In which we are not living only, there are some other living beings such as animal, plants and insects with whom we are sharing nature.

The relation between science and environment: 

Like a coin, everything has two sides which we can say positive and negative. It is not wrong if I said that the scientific laws are recipes and natural resources are the raw material for new inventions. Science led human to technology and technology-led human to the modern world. Natural resources are part of environment many scientific studies reveal the better use of natural resources. Such as water, wind and coal are natural resources which are converted to electrical power.

Effect of the environment on agriculture system 

In Agriculture especially in Horticulture greenhouse use to manipulate the environment to produce the offseason crops which lead to the availability of crops all year around. Fertilizers affect the soil environment and help to overcome the nutrient deficiency. Soil also have microorganism which feeds on them and breaks into a simple compound which is readily available to the plant. Every organism on this planet has microenvironment which is essential to maintain if some changes occur to this environment it leads to the malfunctioning of the system. Science study all systems and provide a solution to these problems. Medical science and plant science are the main examples of it. 

Genomic study and science of environment

The genome study and genome sequence helping human to mould organism genes and producing better organism according to there on the desire of benefit. Modern industrialization providing many benefits but it also causing pollution and disturbing nature. Pollution are effecting environment badly and also harm human health. Gases emitted from fire, volcano, auto vehicles are creating layer around the earth and causing greenhouse effect which is causing global warming and climate change. Climate change cause changing the growing pattern of crops. Some crops are not getting optimum chilling requirement and heating units which delay fruiting. So low chilling and less heat unit required crops are established by breeding and selection to get early or late crops.


Science plays a vital role in the modernization of human life and facilitates it in many ways. Our natural environment makes human life possible, and our cultural environment helps define who we are. It is therefore essential that our population and economic growth are environmentally sustaina

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