What are flowering bulbs?


Flowering Bulbs

A bulb is a fleshy food storage organ containing a young plant, it includes bulb, corm, tuber, rhizome, and few other plants whose underground thick root serve the purpose of maintaining the life during a rest period and storing food for rapid growth above ground later is called as Flowering Bulbs.


  • It is a pear or oval shape structure in which growing points lies in the centre which is covered with fleshy scales in the form of leaves which are originating from basal plate.


They have a growing point at the top and a basal plate from where the roots arise. It corms food is stored in stem bases, not in leafy scale like in true bulbs. They are solid in nature.

Example: Gladiolus , crocus, freesia etc.

Tuberous stem:-

Underground modified stem just like corm but does not have Basel plate and a protective covering.

  • Growing points are in the form of eyes.
  • Irregular in the shape
  • Examples: Cyclamen, Anemone, Begonia e.t.c.


It is the modified underground stem growing horizontally.

  • The main growing point is at the tip of rhizome but other buds are formed along the upper surface and sides. Roots produce from flower buds.

Example: Canna, Convallaria

  • Bulbs are remarkable beauty of flowers and foliage.
  • Great variety of size, habit, colour and season.
  • Ease of transportation and shipment
  • Commercial trade as cut flowers.

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