Healthy food facts that our bodies need to be healthy and how does it impact the human body

Healthy food facts that our bodies need to be healthy and how does it impact the human body

These days, people have become increasingly conscious about their needs to lead a healthier life. This means people consciously change their habits and choices and making it better day by day. When people talking about nutrition than people more curious to choose healthier foods for their nourishment. So, here are seven food facts for you, which are based on research many of which have been traditionally known in different cultures but only recently validated by science and scientists. Here are some healthy food facts that are our needs nowadays to stay active and healthier.

7 food facts that you need to know to stay healthier:

1.      Some fats are good

While we talking about saturated and transition fats should be limited and avoided, unsaturated fats (poly or monounsaturated) contain proper and important fatty acids that help lower bad “LDL” (low-density lipoprotein) while increasing good “HDL” (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. It has the least amount of saturated fat compared to other commonly used cooking oils which are not safe to use especially for a heart patient.

 Proteins are building blocks

Proteins are the basic parts of our bodily cells and play a vital role in the formation of cells and also the regeneration of the cells. For this reason, you should take 10 to 35% of your daily meal met by proteins. For example, the average 60-kilogram Indian males require 60 grams of proteins and the average 55- kilogram women need 55 grams of daily proteins in their diet plans according to a report. Beans, eggs, lean meat, dairy products, and nuts are good sources of proteins.

3.      Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits daily

We have evidence by researchers to show that you need to include five daily portions of vegetables and one portion of fruits combined together for daily life nourishment. From everyday problems like constipation, cancer and more serious conditions like heart disease, fruits, and vegetables go a long way in helping lower the risk.

4.      Edible seeds and nutrition

An edible seed is a seed that is suitable for human and animal nutrition. Here are some plant part seeds that are used as seeds that are the dominant source of human calorie and proteins.

·         Jack fruit seeds

·         Hemp seed

·         Fox nut

·         Durian

·         Coffee beans

·         Lotus seed

Flaxseeds also rich in omega 3 & 6 fats, also rich in vitamin B (1, 2 & 6) and have other nutrients that help to boost your energy and beneficial for your immune system, nervous system, and blood.

5.      Some whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice multi and whole wheat grains like pasta and bread also rich in nutrients also contain insoluble fiber that helps to keep the bowels healthier and functional. Whole grain food is the best option also for those who are looking for low-calorie intake and want to lose weight.

6.      Always stay hydrated

Always stay hydrated with water, juices and also with drinks to stay fresh and active the whole day in your lifestyle. Drinking 6 to 8 glass of water daily will also help you to stay hydrated also use some drinks with lemon juice and with vitamin C (fruit juices).

7.      Healthy fats for energy

Nuts are rich in unsaturated fats especially walnuts, peanuts, pistachio, and avocado are good sources of fats that are used to get energy for daily life activities. Always keep in mind though that all nuts are rich in calories so, it is important to eat them in moderation. According to a report an ounce of a handful, nuts are around 160 Cal with 6 grams of proteins and 3 grams of fiber which make it an ideal choice for snack time.

How do our diets impact our health??    

Trendy diets and nutrition research change almost daily. Many studies about nutrition show that good food choices have a positive impact on health while poor nutrition diet has long term bad effects on human health…

·         Europeans and Americans whose daily diet plans include fresh food like fresh vegetables, and fruits (uncooked), whole grains, lean meat, and fish have a lower incidence of major chronic diseases.

·         Unfortunately, the standard American diet (SAD) has a high amount of saturated fats with little or partially hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, and highly processed foods.

·         Nutrient diet plan is the nourishing substances in food that are essential for the growth, development and maintain the body functions also. Good nutrition has a good impact on health while poor nutrition has a long term bad effect on human health.

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