What are job opportunities for horticulturists in private and in government sector??


Horticulture is the study of plant physiology and plant propagation. Horticulturists apply their knowledge of botany, plant, and soil science to areas like landscape design or crop management. They work directly with plants, overseeing all aspects of breeding, selection planting, care, and production. Career opportunities for studying horticulture. Studying horticulture creates a world potential for every nature lover in search of a career. Plants are one of the most important organisms in our world. We eat them, we grow them, we use them for ornamentation and even medicine. An average salary of horticulturist is around $40,363 per year. This figures of your salary will depend upon your area of specialisation, location, level of education etc….

Careers in horticulture.

Graduates with a degree in horticulture enter a broad range of challenging and rewarding professional careers in production, management, marketing, education and research. Graduates often open their own business enterprises such as fruit or vegetable production, landscape design/build and maintenance companies, nurseries, greenhouse and garden centres.

Job opportunities for horticulturists.     

Studying horticulture creates a world potential for every nature lover in search of a career. Plants are one of the most important organisms in our world.

We eat them, we grow them,    we use them for ornamentation and even in medicines. Discover some of the best career opportunities in horticulture . Job opportunities are both in government and private sectors as…

Plant pathologist.

Plant pathologists conduct laboratory experiments on plant matter and run tests to determine the characteristics of diseases that attack plants. This job could provide the opportunity to travel to locations as a government or private agent to study about the prevalent diseases of plants there. Furthermore, plant pathologists work to develop more resistant varieties.

Consultant in horticulture.

The horticultural consultant provides a wide variety of services to different businesses and in organisations. Depending on your area of a special field, you could be providing advice on grass selection and maintenance of golf courses, recommending plant types for urban park space, or advising farmers on crop choice.

Ornamental horticulturist.

Ornamental horticulturists typically work at floristry stores, landscaping businesses or nurseries. Government agents work for the roadside plantation with different plant materials or decorate colonies for the beautification of particular areas.

Horticultural technician.           

Technician plants, nature and maintain plant life used in a variety in industries including…

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Decorative
  • Educational

Technician water, plant, prune, fertilize and transport flora. They may play a role also in diagnosing and treating the disease of plants.

Plant care worker.

Horticulturist also provided with a job of plant service that transport plants from one place to another with great care.

Nursery staffer.

Plants need great care, horticulturist also works in private or in government nurseries for the protection, propagation and management of plants.

Landscape designer.

Landscape designers combine horticulture and hardscape to create gardens that achieve aesthetic objectives. It’s a rewarding career for people who wish to bring horticulture into livable spaces.

In orchards.     

Horticulturist also works in government or private gardens or in orchards as a gardener to increase productivity and enhance the quality or for a number of purposes. Some horticulturist starts their own business which has their own orchards.


Specialist horticulture writers may find themselves writing for farming magazines, gardening websites, television shows and even for radio.

Seed companies.

Horticulturists also found working in seed companies as in private or government sectors to work for better quality products the seeds. Seed business companies nowadays more establish their firm and name because of their high demand both in government or private sector even for import and export business.

Horticulture inspector.

Inspectors help to maintain a high level of production in the food industry. As an inspector, you’ll assess food crops like fruits, vegetables for government and for private companies and ensure yields been compliant with quality standards.

Some agencies or companies of horticulture in Pakistan.

1: Horticulture agency in Lahore.

2: Horticulture development authority Pakistan.

3: Plant nursery business import and export agencies.

4: Horticulture employment in Lahore.

5: PHA (park horticulture authority) in Lahore.

6: Government and private horticulture societies.

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