What are management techniques in mango orchard?

Mango is a critical fruit on the export listing and fetches about $24 million consistent with annum depending upon the size of the crop of the full output, around 60-70 according to cent right fine mango is exported to the middle east and 15-16 in keeping with a cent to the European nations.

As flowering of mango orchards starts of evolved, it is crucial to take all measures to grow its output.

Mango crop could be very touchy to climatic conditions and soil kind. Therefore, not all areas of the united states are suitable for its cultivation. Some regions of southern Punjab which includes Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur, d.g. khan, Shuja Abad, kabirwala and khanewal are important for mango orchards and the class-a region as a way as first-class output is worried. the class-b location consists of Sahiwal, vehari, okara, Faisalabad, jhang, Toba Tek Singh and Sargodha.

The class-a vicinity in Sindh contains mirpurkhas, Hyderabad, nawabshah, nausharoferoz and khairpur. Fewer mango orchards also are there in NWFP and Balochistan.

Being a weather touchy crop, heavy rains and hailstorm on the time of fluorescence badly affect its output. The cold wave in January and February additionally damages nurseries and younger timber. This year, the weather is normal with a sturdy prospect of bumper mango crop supplied there have been no heavy rains and hail storms for the duration of mid-February to mid-March that’s the florescence stage.

Mango orchards are attacked with the aid of some of the illnesses such as powdery mould, blossom blight and anthracnose. Those illnesses attack the plant at an early stage of flowering. There may be a need for well-timed plant protection measures, integrated pest management and disorder manipulate. last year, the authorities launched an agriculture linkage programme with the help of Australian scientists to govern pests and sicknesses that inflict quantitative and qualitative damages to mango crop.

The assault of disorder on mango orchards is most detrimental which now not best reduces the dimensions of the fruit but additionally affects the exceptional inflicting lower market price. The growers blind to the character of the disease and mode of action of insecticides embark upon excessive sprays that in preference to controlling the sickness tend to inflate the price of production. Some instances the growers hotel to as many as 6 to 7 sprays and fail to control the ailment.

The powdery mildew appears from January to march. This ailment spreads swiftly with heavy rains and high temperature. That is the most unfavourable of all the mango orchard sicknesses and is characterized by using superficial whitish grey mycelia growth performing on flora and buds that later spread to culmination, leaves, shoots and trunk. Progressively the complete plant is covered with the fungus. It is critical to governing the ailment in time to avoid damages.

It’s far vital to adopt timely preventive and healing measures for the manipulate of such illnesses. Right research work is vital to perceive the illnesses at the right time to take protective measures and keep away from losses. Such sorts must be added to the use of germplasm of large base, which is resistant to diseases. It changed into disappointing that not an unmarried commercial style of mango was observed resistant in opposition to brief decline some years back and the growers reduce down their orchards because of short mortality of mango trees.

Unless encouraged cultivars are planted in unique agro-ecological zones, diseases might continue to damage the crop and would be tough to manipulate. Consequently, mango orchards should incorporate disease-resistant varieties with an adequate device of management to begin commercialization on a huge scale.

Control practices of mango orchards are outdated and traditional and want to be changed on contemporary strains. As an instance, a not unusual exercise is to apply high doses of nitrogenous fertilizers, which causes a disease to spread. The growers are ordinarily unaware that incorrect software of fertilizers, sanitation of orchards and untimely pruning of trees complements contamination and increase of illnesses inflicting fungus.

The growers lack requisite spraying competencies. lack of information at a part of growers about endorsed sprays, an interval of spraying, coping with of sprayers, a timing of spray, a range of sprays, dose and boom stage are hindering timely and powerful manipulate of illnesses.

It is, therefore, vital to broaden integrated orchard management applications to lessen ailment, improve fruit excellent, lessen biennial bearing and enhance mango deliver chain in the USA.

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