Europe may be very demanding approximately food protection that is why coping with fresh agricultural merchandise is challenging to various criminal and other customer necessities. However, there also are opportunities to distinguish you with the aid of applying extra or area of interest marketplace high-quality requirements. This document provides an overview of the most common necessities and requirements, in addition to the unique necessities that apply to the area of interest markets inclusive of natural or Fair-trade fruit and greens.

Which criminal and non-legal necessities should your product follow?

While exporting sparkling fruit and veggies to Europe, you need to observe the requirements under. These necessities can be labelled as:

  1. Meals safety;

  2. Product pleasant;

  3. Social, environmental and enterprise compliance.

Restrained use of insecticides

To avoid health and environmental risks, the EU Union (ecru) has set most residue ranges (MRLs) for pesticides in and on food products. Merchandise containing greater insecticides than allowed could be withdrawn from the EU market.

Be aware that customers in the numerous Member States including the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria use MRLs which are stricter than the MRLs laid down in ecru rules. Grocery store chains are the strictest and demand 33% to 70% of the felony MRL.

An increasing number of shoppers ask for in advance information approximately your pesticide sprays programmers and statistics. Shipments are checked earlier than they are dispatched to the store. Pesticide management takes quite a few duties on your component as a manufacturer or exporter.

Keeping off contaminants

Contaminants are materials that have now not been intentionally delivered to meals, however, can be a gift as a result of the diverse stages of its manufacturing, packaging, transport or conserving. Just like the MRLs for pesticides, the European Union has set limits for numerous contaminants. Especially the bounds for nitrate (in spinach and lettuce) and heavy metals which include cadmium, lead, mercury and inorganic tin, are applicable for fresh fruit and vegetables. For maximum fresh fruit or veggies the restriction for lead infection is zero, 10 mg/kg and for cadmium 0,050 mg/kg.

Microbiological criteria for pre-cut fruit

Whilst offering pre-reduce fruit and veggies, in addition to unpasteurized juices or sprouted seeds, you should do not forget microbiological dangers which include salmonella and E. coli. Those materials need to be absent when checking out your product.

Plant fitness

Fruit and veggies exported to the EU Union need to comply with EU law on plant fitness. The EU Union has laid down phytosanitary necessities to save you the advent and spread of organisms harmful to flora and plant merchandise in Europe. These necessities are managed by means of the competent food safety government inside the uploading and exporting international locations. Most importantly, your property USA desires to have phytosanitary agreements with the EU Union in the vicinity. Otherwise, you may now not be allowed to export to Europe.

Advertising standards

ECU rules unit’s widespread and specific advertising and marketing standards for the minimal exceptional and the minimum maturity of all fresh fruit and veggies. An advertising and marketing well-known determine the characteristics of “more class”, magnificence I and sophistication II merchandise, the distinctive length codes, and the allowed tolerances in quality and length.

The desired sizes range between the distinctive European markets, but the high-quality is commonly “greater class” or magnificence I. You might find a market for sophistication II merchandise in a few Japanese European international locations, the processing enterprise or less formal segments.

Control of meals imported to the ECU

To ensure food safety and keep away from environmental damage, your products will be subjected to respectable controls. Those controls are completed to make sure that each one ingredient marketed on the European market are safe and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements

Certification as guarantee

As food protection is pinnacle precedence in all European meals sectors, you may assume most buyers to request greater ensures from you in the form of certification. All consumers inside the supply chain, which include traders, meals processors and stores, require the implementation of a food safety control system based on danger evaluation and important manipulate factors (HACCP).

Labelling and packaging

Food located on the EU market has to meet the rules on food labelling.

Cartons of sparkling fruit or greens have to point out the following details:

  • Name and the cope with of the packer or the dispatcher;
  • Call and type of the produce (if the product is not visible from the out of doors of the packaging);
  • Magnificence and size (relating to the advertising and marketing requirements);
  • Lot quantity for traceability or GGN if licensed GlobalG.A.P. (Advocated);
  • Legit manage mark to update the name and deal with of the packer (optional).

For purchaser and pre-packed sparkling merchandise, you have to upload the name and the address of a dealer mounted in the European Union with the phrases “Packed for:” or an equivalent word.

Packaging marketed inside Europe must observe the general necessities, which aim at defensive the environment, as well as with the unique provisions designed to save you any risk to the fitness of clients. The packaging ought to protect the product against infection, leakage and dehydration. Additionally take note of your consumer’s preference for presentation, together with a man or woman wrapping or sortation (as an instance, one facet up). Merchandise and packaging ought to be uniform.


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