The factors of artwork are the building blocks of all art. Each piece of art ever created consists of one or more of these elements. Study line, colour, shape, form, cost, space, and texture.

Defining the factors

Have you ever looked at an artwork and puzzled how the artist determined to start making it?

All art, whether or not two-dimensional like a painting or three-dimensional like a sculpture, incorporates one or greater of the seven elements of the artwork. These factors are:







They’re the fundamental constructing blocks of creating artwork.

So how precisely does an artist use the elements?

Operating as an artist and growing an artwork is just like being a chef and cooking a meal. The chef makes use of a list of ingredients blended together in positive amounts to supply a completely unique recipe. The artist uses art elements and combines them in different ways to create a completely unique piece of art. The factors of art are like the components in a recipe. Once in a while, artistic endeavours include the most effective one or two elements. Occasionally they have all the factors of artwork. One aspect is sure, but. There could be certainly no art without the seven elements of the artwork.

Using the elements

Let’s consider you are the artist.

  • You’ve got determined to create a drawing the usage of a pencil on a white piece of paper.
  • You would possibly use the pencil to create the drawing the use of strains.
  • A line is a detail of the art.
  • It is a mark made upon a surface.
  • With a purpose to be a line, the mark’s period has to be longer than its width.
  • There are numerous unique kinds of strains, such as horizontal, vertical, wavy, diagonal, and greater.

You might decide you want to continue running for your drawing and enclose some of the one’s strains. The enclosed strains Are then transformed into any other element of art known as shape.


 Are regions of enclosed space which can be two dimensional. Shapes are flat, and can simplest have top and width. The two specific classes of shapes are: geometric and natural.

 Geometric shapes are mathematical, like circles and squares. Natural shapes come from nature, like clouds and leaves. This collage by means of Henri Matisse uses a group of natural shapes.

If making a decision to vary the scale and site of your lines and shapes, you will use some other element. That is the detail called space. Area deals with the illusion of intensity on a flat floor. You would possibly overlap shapes to make a few looks nearer, or make items within the distance smaller to seem like they are farther away. The detail of the area may be used in three-dimensional artwork as nicely.

The drawing you’ve got created now makes use of three elements of art. You would possibly recollect using your pencil to darken some shapes or traces. Or you could possibly use your eraser to make a few regions very mild just like the white paper.


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