What is floriculture how it relates with horticulture?


Floriculture: May be defined as the branch of Horticulture which deals with the culture and management of flowers and ornamental plants.
It has been derived from two words ‘flora’ means flower and ‘culture’ means cultivation.

But now in addition to flower other ornamental plants are also included in floriculture.
Importance of Floriculture
As Floriculture deals with the culture of flowers and ornamental plants; it has great
Importance in our daily life as well as the national economy.
The general importance of flower
i. Flower increases the aesthetic sense of human being and satisfies the demand for heart feelings.
ii. Its beauty and fragrance give happiness to all irrespective of age and wealth.
iii. It is the principal component of public functions and anniversaries and also extensively
used for decoration.
iv. The flower is a national symbol. Water lily (white) Nymphet nuchal is the national
flower of Pakistan
v. It is the source of incentive to the poets and writers.
vi. Scent and perfumes are extracted from the fragrance of flowers e.g., Rosewater, Attar.
vii. Flower gardens increase the beauty of the house or an institution.
viii. Flowers help to get out of illness through psychological enchantment.
ix. Flower gardening is a good medium of passing leisure time and help to keep good health.
Economic importance of flower production

i. Flowers can be considered as a commercial commodity. Commercial flower production
may be helpful in increased earning of the grower.
ii. Flowers can be a source of earning huge foreign currency by exporting them.
iii. Perfume industries can be established in the country which can help to improve the national economy.
iv. Establishment of flower production farms and perfume industries can help to solve the unemployment problem to a large extent.
v. It provides scope to bring more unused land under flower cultivation.
– With this background floriculture in the world is rising.
– The name of flowers and their main production centres have shown here –
– In world fresh cut flower business is a very new concept.
– In the late ’80s, only a few shops were opened in Dhaka city for selling fresh cut flower.
– Now fresh cut flowers are sold in most of the cities and districts towns of the world

A large number of flower shops have been developed in and around Islamabad city which can give a picture of the present flower market situation.
In Islamabad, flower shops are two types, i) Permanent, and ii) Temporary.
– It is estimated that there are more than 100 permanent and 450 temporary shops in Islamabad metropolitan city.
– The individual business of each shop ranges between Tk. 3000 – 6000 even more.
– This indicates that the aesthetic sense of people is increasing as the standard of living is increasing.
– Rose, Gladiolus, Tuberose, Dahlia, Marigold, Gerbera, Bali, Dolanchampa are examples of some important cut flowers have high demand in the inland markets.

What is a floriculturist?

Floriculture maybe a vivid and colourful profession desire for you!

Floriculture or flower farming, is a horticultural area.

A floriculturist makes a speciality of the cultivation of flowering and ornamentals flowers for gardens, floral enterprise and for export. In addition, they develop new varieties.

A proportion of flower farming takes place in greenhouses, but the maximum is produced outside e.g: herbaceous flowers, plants and reduce vegetation.

The ones employed inside the flower developing zone are likely to do some of the following:

Grows and harvests of industrial plants (retail and export)

Manages flower seeds and essential oil plants

Manages and continues fields and controlled growing environments

Manages put up-harvest remedies and manufacturing of plant merchandise (dried flora and so forth)

Floriculture may offer an interesting and interesting profession for those seeking outdoor paintings involving growing, harvesting and making ready vegetation and foliage for sale.

What does a floriculturist do in horticulture ?

Meets with capacity customers, retail and marketplace-power human beings to talk about orders

Propagates grows and markets of all cut flora, flower seeds and seedlings

Grows bulbs

Assists with nursery operation

Treats sickness through the chemical safety of plant life

Helps post-harvesting storage of uncooked materials and merchandise

Handles preservatives

Keeps data

Works within budgets keep books, sends out invoices, collects monies

Are you…?

Enthusiastic about vegetation?

A lover of the outdoors?

Willing to work under all sorts of weather conditions?




Mechanically & technically minded?

Capable of work with budgets?

A very good communicator and negotiator?

How do I grow to be a floriculturist as a horticulturists ?

There are no direct floricultural education courses to be had in the intervening time, but to get into this exciting field you will take a barely special course

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